Our Green Policy

The Cadogan Hotel is committed to continually improving our working practices to help protect and minimise our impact upon the environment This encompasses the entire range of activities surrounding the hotel's day to day management, together with its long-term vision and objectives.

To do this we acknowledge that green sustainability is a journey and not a destination and we are actively working towards the implementation of proactive measures to help to protect our local, national and global environment. We have outlined below our plans to become an environmentally friendly hotel in our Green Policy.

The Food We Serve

In 2011 we started producing our own fruit, vegetables and herbs. This is only on a small scale, but we believe in every little helps!

We are very proud to promote locally produce. All our eggs are free range, sourced locally, from Manor Farm Eggs in Worlington. Newmarket Sausages from Powters butchers and use other local produce wherever possible

We have asked our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging they send and some it is returned for reuse i.e. egg trays.

Our teas and coffees Chocolate are similarly all Fair Trade or part of The Rain Forest Alliance.

We follow the Marine Conservation Society's recommendations and serve only sustainably fished or organically farmed species of fish & shellfish.

Waste vegetables and their peelings, egg shells, tea bags etc from the kitchen are composted

We buy groceries, non-perishable food and cleaning materials in bulk as much as possible to avoid unnecessary packaging. Perishable food is reduced to estimated actual requirements and any surplus is used in batch cooking or given to staff.

The oil from our kitchen is recycled.

What we have already achieved

We try to be as 'green' as possible and therefore towels and sheets in the bedrooms are not changed daily unless requested

We are passionate about recycling and segregate our waste to ensure that recyclable glass, plastic, cans, paper, batteries, printer cartridges, light bulbs and food waste are not sent to landfill and light bulbs are replaced with energy saving light bulbs throughout the hotel. Batteries are collected and re-cycled

We re use paper before recycling

We have upgraded our Restaurant tables by adding glass tops to the tables, thereby preserving the tablecloths and avoiding bleaching and boil washing approximately 70 tablecloths a week

When we carry out refurbishments, any furniture is given to a charity called Newmarket Open Door or to St Nichols Hospice

We have introduced a Responsible Guest Charter asking guests to support us by small individual actions like turning off lights and televisions when leaving their rooms

Most toilets operate a duel flush system to reduce the amount of water usage. For others water saving devices are to be used in the water cisterns wherever reasonably practicable to reduce water consumption

Public washrooms have sensor operated lights and other lights are switched off when not required

External lights have dusk to dawn sensors to ensure that they only operate when required.
We will turn down the heating rather than opening windows and thermostatic valves fitted to radiators throughout the hotel.

Gas, electricity and water consumption tracked on a regular basis
Our heating systems are regularly maintained to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible

All light and heating timers to be changed on a regular basis to be reflected in the seasonal change and climate conditions

We have free onsite parking and recommend to our guests to walk into Newmarket town centre.

Future improvements and changes in our practises

We are currently compiling a "Green File" at reception to provide information regarding local transport, cycle routes and walking trails. This will also provide other green information including local natural and cultural heritage.

We intend to make our menus clearer to indicate if a dish is wholly organic or is prepared from locally sourced products.

New double glazing is being installed in our next phase of refurbishment

Increase loft insulation.

Alter guttering to maximise rainwater harvesting and add water butts to downpipes.

We have actively looking to reduce the number of brochures we print and encourage potential customers to check our marketing material which is available on our website

We intend to provided soap and shampoo dispensers in our bedrooms to reduce packaging and waste, once our current supply has been used.

Change our supply of paper to recycled paper or FSC accredited

Purchase "Power-down" buttons to turn off Guestroom TV's so they are not left on standby.

Boilers will be replaced to be more energy efficient using current Government approved models when required.

Change our cleaning chemicals to use natural cleaning methods or less damaging chemicals to minimise our chemical usage

On-going refurbishment programmes to account for energy efficient measures.

Gain membership of Energy Accreditation Scheme and join The Green Tourism Business Scheme where our effects will be independently assessed.